KLK Kolb Specialties B.V.


KLK Kolb Specialties B.V. is a producer of specialty surfactants like nonionics, anionics and cationics by using a variety of technologies such as alkoxylation, phosphation, sulphation, sulphonation, esterification, amidation, polymerization and quarternisation, also offering a broad range of chemical specialties and custom manufacturing capabilities.

KLK Kolb Specialties B.V. is part of KLK Kolb, member of the KLK group. At the production site in Delden, the Netherlands, continuous and multi-purpose batch reactors are run, specialised in multi-step reactions on-site. By product development, often in close cooperation with customers, in our own R&D centre we are successfully serving a wide variety of markets like household and industrial and institutional cleaning, animal feed, agriculture, construction, textile, pulp and paper, metal working, plastics and polymers.
Hoofdvestiging Nederland:
The Headdepartment in the Netherlands is in the city Delden (ov)





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