Process operator Pharmacie 3/5 shifts in Haarlem

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This company is a global pharmaceutical leader and the world's largest generic drug manufacturer, committed to improving health and increasing access to quality healthcare solutions worldwide. Our employees are central to our success, with colleagues in more than 80 countries, delivering the world's largest medicine cabinet to 200 million people every day. We offer uniquely diverse products and solutions for patients, and we have built a promising pipeline around our key therapeutic areas. We continuously develop patient-focused solutions and significantly develop both our generic and specialty medicine businesses through investments in research and development, marketing, business development and innovation. This is how we improve health and enable people to live better, healthier lives.

Geplaatst op 5 juli 2023

Job Description

Performing, supporting and controlling process-based work as well as operating various machines in accordance with SOPs, taking into account the set (quality) requirements such as GMP guidelines and safety regulations, so that that the production and/or packaging of medicines runs efficiently.

Duties are performed on the basis of completed training and qualifications as well as a large dose of "on the job" experience. Only limited supervision is required during execution of tasks, whereby all kinds of disruptions can often be resolved independently and/or proper assessment can be made without escalating. 

Often functions as an (in)formal interface for new and/or less experienced colleagues.

  • Operating, monitoring and adjusting equipment and automated processes according to SOP, adhering to set guidelines and (quality) requirements so that drugs are efficiently produced and packaged.
  • Performing conversion and cleaning and disinfection work, maintaining machines and equipment such that minimum production loss and maximum availability is achieved.
  • Formulating, recording and reporting production and control data in logs and production protocols so that a reliable and up-to-date record of the production process is maintained
  • Functionally manage employees in line with personnel policies and such that they have the required and necessary instructions and documentation and training activities are carried out.
  • Contribute in such a way that the production process can be strengthened and developed qualitatively and qualitatively.
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Terms of employment

  • A good salary between €2,400 and €3,500 gross per month (excluding shift bonus of 19.66% / 28.3%)
  • One-year contract with the company itself, with the prospect of permanent employment
  • Pension accrual
  • Travel allowence
  • The opportunity to take training courses
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What we expect from you

  • A completed MBO level 3/4 diploma
  • Familiar with machine operation and preferably pharmaceutical processes. Experience in other, preferably highly regulated industries, also possible
  • Speak and read Dutch or English
  • Familiar with Production Control Systems
  • In the performance of the job, the wearing of a full-face mask is mandatory in those cases when working with raw materials and/or disinfectants. For the operation of the full-face mask, the employee must not have beard growth.
  • Wearing prescribed PPE for personal protection at all times
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