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Curious about what it's like to work as an operator? Are you technically inclined, flexible and open to work in a shift system? Then respond below and together we will look for suitable vacancies in your region.

Geplaatst op 23 mei 2023

What does an operator do exactly?

In addition to operating the machines, the tasks of an operator consist of many other activities. For example, you are also responsible for supplying raw materials, cleaning the workplace and setting up and converting the machine. If you have a technical failure on the machine, you might have to fix it yourself or contact the technical service so they can solve the problem based on your information.

For an operator position it is useful to have some technical skills. Another advantage is if you have already worked in a process-technical environment, for example as a production or warehouse employee.

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Personal development

For a starting operator it is important to get to know the processes within the company as much as possible. This often happens on the job and during the initial phase you are supervised by a colleague or team leader. For complex processes, an internal training or course may be required before you can work independently with these machines or systems.

Technical people are scarce and for this reason companies are often open to both internal and external training of operators. Are you curious about opportunities within a specific company or within the entire process technology sector? Please contact our consultants.

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Which shift suits you?

Where one operator absolutely loves 5 shifts, another prefers working in 2 or 3 shifts. Which shift schedule suits you best often depends on various factors. The most crucial factors are often: home situation, social life (besides work) or how easily you can adapt to working irregular shifts. We will gladly help you with this decision and go through all the pros and cons with you, so you will not be faced with any surprises in the end.

The 5 biggest advantages of working in shifts

  • The bonuses
  • Some schedules offer longer days off
  • Your breaks are (usually) paid
  • With irregular workdays (often in 5 shifts), you are also free on weekdays. So you can always work on things that can only be done during "9-to-5" office hours.
  • You often travel before or after rush hour
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Wie ben jij?

Binnen één werkdag nemen we contact met je op en plannen we een kennismakingsgesprek in met één van onze recruiters. In dit gesprek praten we over je wensen en ambities. Positief? Dan stellen we je voor bij het bedrijf.


Is er een match?

Er volgt een gesprek bij het bedrijf op locatie en je krijgt eventueel direct een rondleiding.


Komen we er samen uit?
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1. Apply/respond

You can apply by clicking on the application button located next to the vacancy. Your application will go directly into our system and after receiving it you will always get a confirmation e-mail from us. You can apply until the closing date mentioned with the vacancy. If no date is mentioned, the vacancy is open for a longer period of time. As long as the vacancy is online, we invite you to apply.

Do not forget to add your resume when applying.

2. Introductory meeting with our consultants 

We have received your application and resume and will contact you (usually within 2 working days) to schedule an appointment. In this introductory meeting, we will discuss exactly what you are looking for, what ambitions you have and what suitable vacancies we may have for you. Take this opportunity to ask us your questions as well!

3. Going through job vacancies

As a result of the introductory interview, we have hopefully been able to send you some suitable job offers. In order to discuss these further with you, we often schedule a new appointment immediately after sending you these vacancies. Usually we schedule this as soon as possible after the introductory interview.

Are you enthusiastic about one or more vacancies we have sent you? Then we will go into more detail about working for this (these) client(s) and your resume and any previous work experience.

4. Introducing to client

Found a suitable vacancy? Based on our conversations and your resume, we will introduce you to our client(s). We have agreed with all our clients to always receive a first response within 2 to 3 working days. If the client is also enthusiastic about your profile we will schedule an appointment for a first meeting. We try to take your availability into account.

5. Invitation to client

By now we have introduced you to the company and you have been invited for an initial on-site interview. This first job interview is usually with a member of HR and one of the team leaders. Does the first meeting satisfy both parties? Then a second interview with tour will be scheduled.

From Procestechniek you will receive an invitation by e-mail with all the information about where and with whom you have an appointment. This email also contains a number of tips on how to prepare for the first interview.

6. Second interview with guided tour

You have passed the first selection and have been invited for a second interview, this time including a tour where you will get to know some new colleagues and see what they do. The second interview will be with one or more team leaders. After the tour you will receive a response (usually) within 2 to 3 working days.

7. Employment conditions

When both you and the client have concluded that there is a match, you will receive an employment proposal from us. If there are any questions, we will discuss them over the phone or over a cup of coffee at one of our offices. 

8. Welcome

After everything has been "finalized," your new team leader will make arrangements with you regarding your first day of work, facilities, work/employment, so everything is clear and settled on your first day of work.

Personal contact

Of course you may have specific questions about our organization or a vacancy. In that case, please feel free to contact the consultant (listed with the vacancy).

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Over Procestechniek zet zich al meer dan 15 jaar in voor de continuïteit in de procestechniek. Dit doen wij door bedrijven en technici met elkaar in contact te brengen, én anderen te enthousiasmeren en op te leiden voor het werken in de procestechniek.

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