Working in engineering

Geplaatst op 1 februari 2023

Functie omschrijving

In engineering, you will focus on assembling, installing, maintaining and building various structures and machines. You are responsible for tinkering and assembling key products and components. You ensure that production lines and machines keep running optimally, which does not always seem obvious. Do you wait until the next maintenance service or take your machine apart right away? You decide! Your work will include:

• Preparing new projects and collecting materials;

• Studying and reading drawings;

• Assembly and installation work;

• Making diagnoses and coming up with appropriate solutions;

• Correct commissioning and tuning of machines;

• Performing maintenance;

• Structural, mechanical, hydraulic, motor and electronic work

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Wat we van jou verwachten

• are motivated

• can work accurately

• can make decisions in complex situations

• have at least an MBO work and thinking level


We are happy to look at your needs and make you suitable offers, such as:

• Full-time job with a 40-hour working week

• A permanent contract

• Salary between €2,400 and €3,500 depending on your age and experience.

• Prospect of a permanent contract on good performance

• 25 holidays

• Travel allowance of € 0.19 per kilometre

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Over de organisatie

Dujob is in contact with various employers and organisations in metal and engineering in the wide surroundings of Emmeloord. Think also of regions such as Zwolle, Kampen, Heerenveen and Meppel. Via Dujob, you can work for various clients in positions full of challenges and variety for the long term. Build up a network and work experience, develop yourself and grow, or start working for us immediately. Dujob offers you plenty of opportunities!

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